A Glimpse Into the Lives of Those Who Have Found Recovery

We are people with real stories of struggle and triumph. Following are stories from two courageous people who have been caught in the grips of addiction and who continue to live in recovery, helping and inspiring others along the way.

These are their stories:


Right before I decided to check myself into detox I was empty and defeated. Fear ruled with a heavy fist. My life was in shambles. Drinking and drugging was fun early on, but somewhere down the road it took a dramatic turn. I thought there was no hope; that I would always be a “junkie”. Thank God He had different plans for my life. I came to New Outlook Detox in August of 2018. I stayed 1 day and left. I wasn’t ready yet. I had one more run left in me. Thankfully, after some tearful apologies, I was allowed to come back and try it again. This time I completely surrendered. God showed up and showed out! September 8th of 2018 was my first full day clean in over 2 decades. I won’t lie and say it’s easy. I had to change EVERYTHING. Meetings, working the 12-steps, and getting a sponsor are imperative to staying clean. I still have hard days, but I was taught how to live life on life’s terms. New Outlook Detox was the first blessing I received on my road to recovery. To this day, I’m showered with God’s blessings beyond my wildest dreams.


My relationship with drugs changed over the years from curiosity to torment. Early in my addiction I can say that I was simply curious. Drugs intrigued me. And the fact that they would also make me “feel good” was all the better. As a person who never felt comfortable in my own skin, drugs seemed to be the answer to my discomfort. Over the years, even with my drug use, I never seemed content. Not only did my drug use progressively get more intense and in-depth. But my life totally revolved around the getting and using and finding ways and means for more, more, more! I found myself in a cycle of torment and total loss of control. I was never satisfied. And until I surrendered my will and my life over to the care of a loving God was I ever satisfied. This happened after arriving at New Outlook Detox 7/1/19 and letting God make decisions for me for a while.

Addiction is a chronic disorder, not a personal failure. There is a human face behind every example, and there is real hope that addiction recovery can change your life.

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